BitYard Sign Up Bonus: Get Best Free Welcome Offers (2023)

There are many crypto exchanges offering sign up bonuses to entice users to join their platform, and BitYard is no exception. However, BitYard takes a slightly different approach, and offers one of the most fun and potentially profitable welcome bonuses out there. Here, we take a look at BitYard’s mystery box.

What is the BitYard Mystery Box?

The BitYard mystery box is BitYard’s way of rewarding new users. Unlike other platforms that offer an outright sign up bonus through a referral code, BitYard’s mystery box does not require a referral code to be claimed.

To be clear, new users that are signing up to the platform can get a referral bonus too, provided that they have a referral code. The mystery box is an additional bonus on its own.

The mystery box can have a reward in multiple forms, including cryptocurrency and coupons. The maximum reward that a user can receive from opening the mystery box is equivalent to $500.

However, remember that the rewards are randomized. It is possible that a new user may receive rewards equivalent to $500, or something as low as $5. In the end, it is a game of chance.

What Does the Mystery Box Contain?

The mystery box can contain a number of different goodies, ranging from cryptocurrencies to benefits for using BitYard. Here are a few examples of what the mystery box may contain:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Shiba Inu Coin
  • NFTs
  • Trail funds

Remember that whatever users end up receiving, the maximum value of the reward would be less than $500.

How to Claim BitYard Welcome Offers

There are a total of two welcome offers that new users can claim on BitYard. One of them is the mystery box, and the other is a sign up bonus for using a referral code. Here is a step by step guide on how new users can claim both of the offers.

  1. Head to the BitYard website and commence the registration process.
  2. Input all the credentials and information requird. Remember that users are required to complete KYC procedures later, so all information must be accurate.
  3. Input a referral code (optional) in the relevant field.
  4. Complete the sign up process and all the KYC procedures.
  5. Once the KYC procedures are complete, click on the “Mystery Box” button at the top of Bityard’s website.
  6. Complete all the conditions required to claim the mystery box.

New users will be required to meet certain conditions before they can receive both the referral sign up bonus and the mystery box. Once users have received these rewards, they can join the BitYard affiliate program to receive further bonuses.

BitYard Affiliate Program

The BitYard affiliate program is a way for existing users to earn additional money on the platform by referring their friends and family.

The program is beneficial for the users as they can earn a significant amount of cash through it. It is also beneficial for BitYard because it helps bring new users to the exchange.

Joining the program is simple. Users can click on the “Affiliate” button in the top bar on the exchange’s website and create a referral link (or see their referral code). This link can then be sent to their friends and family to join BitYard.

Using the referral link is simpler than a code, because the referrals do not have to manually input the code when signing up. All they need to do is to create an account as they would normally and receive their sign up bonus.

How Referral Commissions Work on BitYard

Initially, BitYard offered its affiliates up to 60% commissions on all the trading fees generated by their referrals. That number has since been reduced to 40%, which is still slightly higher than the industry average.

Commissions are settled in real-time and deposited every 24 hours into the affiliate’s accounts. Affiliates also have access to 1-on-1 live support that can help them with any issues that may arise.

The commissions themselves work on a multi-level system. This is a system where the affiliates receive a small percentage of the commissions generated by their referrals (who have joined the affiliate program as well).

Lastly, larger affiliates can apply to become an eContract member. eContract members enjoy special benefits, ranging from advanced support to additional features that can make it easier for members to invite new people to BitYard. BitYard considers its affiliates as business partners, and tries to help them make as much money through commissions as possible.

Claim the BitYard Mystery Box Right Now

BitYard’s mystery box is an exciting way to receive a reward for joining a new crypto exchange. Moreover, BitYard has an affiliate program that can be extremely lucrative if users play their cards right. Join BitYard right now and see what lies behind the box.

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