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Using the CoinSmart referral link, it is possible to get the best sign up bonus on the platform. New users can claim $20 CAD in Bitcoin when using the link to join the exchange.

About CoinSmart

CoinSmart is an exchange that tries to be intelligent, as evidenced by its name. However, its idea of intelligence is not to offer a complicated interface littered with numbers, but rather to make trading as simple as possible.

When crypto enthusiasts usually look at the feature list of an exchange, they see all the advanced trading features on offer and all the ways that users can earn crypto on the platform. On CoinSmart, the features deal with security, ease of access, and support. That just goes to show what CoinSmart prioritizes.

CoinSmart has a guarantee that ensures that all deposits are credited within the same day, all withdrawals are received within five days, and all verifications are processed within twenty-four hours.

There are numerous payment methods that users can utilize to deposit crypto. CoinSmart not only encourages crypto trades but also for users to convert as much of their fiat currency to crypto as possible. Payment methods include wire transfers, bank deposits, and debit cards among others.

The trading platform itself is extremely simple, and the fees are average. Users that are new to crypto and want to convert their fiat currency to crypto will find CoinSmart to be the simplest option available to them.

CoinSmart also has a very nice welcome bonus that can be availed through the referral link. Let’s find out how.

How to Avail the CoinSmart Welcome Bonus

To encourage new users to join CoinSmart, the exchange offers a welcome bonus of $20 CAD. This bonus is available as soon as users sign up to the platform and complete the verification process. This is where the one-day verification guarantee comes in really handy.

In order to receive the welcome bonus, users will need to sign up through the referral link. Here is a step-by-step guide.

  1. Click here to begin the sign up process through the CoinSmart referral link.
  2. Provide all the information required.
  3. Make sure that all the information is accurate. The account will not be verified incase the information is false.
  4. Once an account has been set up, new users must complete the verification process before using CoinSmart.
  5. Once all the verifications are complete, users will be able to access the $20 CAD bonus.

Remember that users can also earn additional rewards by participating in the various programs offered by CoinSmart. Let’s take a look!

Additional CoinSmart Bonuses

Luckily, CoinSmart has three additional ways for users to earn bonuses after they create an account.

CoinSmart Referral Program

The CoinSmart Referral Program allows users to earn $15 CAD per user referred. Of course, there are certain conditions attached to the amount that users earn, and the amount can increase depending on the number of users referred by the invitee.

To join the program, users simply need to head to the bottom of the page and click on “Referral Program”. Here, users receive their own code and link, which can be shared with friends and family.

When referrals join the exchange and verify their account, both the invitee and the referrals receive a bonus of $15 CAD.

CoinSmart Affiliate Program

The CoinSmart Affiliate Program is for users that can bring in a lot of users to CoinSmart. Users need to apply to become an affiliate. However, it is more than worth it, as they can receive up to $50 for each user they refer to the platform.

The process is the same. Once a user has met the requirement to become an affiliate, they can go to the bottom of the page and click on “Affiliate Program”. 

Once their application to become a partner has been accepted, they can send the referral link or code to get new users to join.

CoinSmart GetSmart Quiz

CoinSmart tries to educate its users about crypto as much as possible. As such, users can read through the articles on the GetSmart platform (accessed through the top bar on the website), answer the questions at the bottom, and have a chance to win $4000 CAD.

Just to be clear, users enter a raffle and one lucky winner is picked out. However, users only need to answer a single question to enter it. Each correct answer leads to one entry in the raffle.

Claim the CoinSmart Sign Up Bonus Now

CoinSmart is the ideal platform for users looking for a simple platform to trade and hold crypto. Click here to join the exchange through the referral link and receive the $20 CAD sign up bonus.

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