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Swan Bitcoin Bonus

Swan Bitcoin is a great website for those that truly believe in the future of cryptocurrency as a payment mechanism and a currency. Use the referral link to sign up right now and claim the best sign up bonus available to new users.

How to Claim the Swan Bitcoin Promo Offer

Claiming the Swan Bitcoin bonus is very easy. As long as users have the referral link, all they need to do is to register on the platform, and they are good to go. Let’s go through the process in a step by step manner.

  1. Click here to commence registration on Swan Bitcoin.
  2. Clicking on the link above automatically enables users to receive a $10 bonus.
  3. Complete the registration process. Make sure all the details are accurate.
  4. Users may be required to complete verification checks (e.g. proving their identity) before they can use the platform.
  5. Once the platform can be accessed, the users will be able to claim the bonus.

So, what exactly is Swan Bitcoin? Let’s find out.

About Swan Bitcoin

Swan Bitcoin is not a cryptocurrency exchange. Well, technically, it does allow users to exchange fiat currency for Bitcoin. However, that is about all that users can do when it comes to purchasing cryptocurrency. Staying true to its name, Bitcoin is the only coin that can be purchased on the platform.

So, what exactly is the purpose of Swan? It is to provide people with a legitimate method to purchase and hold Bitcoin over the long term. Swan Bitcoin is a savings app that allows users to slowly accumulate cryptocurrency through a savings plan.

For example, users can decide to purchase $50 of Bitcoin every week. All they will need to do will be to set up the plan, and Swan will handle everything else.

Swan is for people that plan to retire on their Bitcoin savings. As such, it has a lot of support options that allow its users to purchase Bitcoin for their retirement accounts and trusts. 

The company openly states the fact that the US Dollar has lost 90% of its purchasing power since 1950. It claims that due to its limited supply, holding Bitcoin is a much better alternative over the long term than any investment denominated in fiat currency.

People who believe that the dollar and other fiat currencies will continue to lose their value in a significant manner will find Swan to be perfect for their saving and investment needs.

Swan Private

Swan Private is meant to be a service for institutions and high-net-worth individuals that plan to purchase large amounts of crypto, either at once or through recurring payments.

The Swan Private program allows users to purchase Bitcoin totaling up to $10 million in a single transaction. However, its main purpose is to smooth out market volatility by creating an initial position over time.

Private program members have access to a dedicated private team that handles their requests and provides consultancy. On top of that, they also get a host of additional benefits ranging from tax form assistance to research reports and retirement account guidance.

While anyone can apply to be a member of Swan Private, only those that have large amounts of capital at their disposal are accepted into the program.

Swan Private is also necessary for users that do not want to purchase Bitcoin as an individual. Companies, trusts, IRAs, and non-profits need to purchase Bitcoin through Swan Private, as executing the trades and performing all the legal formalities would require assistance from the Swan Private team.

Swan Payment Methods and Fees

Since Swan is meant to be for serious financiers, it does not offer a lot in terms of payment methods. In fact, using a bank account is the only way to purchase Bitcoin on the platform.

Users can either perform a wire transfer or an ACH payment to transfer fiat currency to Swan, which then purchases crypto on the user’s behalf and deposits it in their account of choice.

The fees on the platform vary depending on the amount of money that users save every week and whether they prepay annually or not. The fee ranges from 2.29% to 0.99%. Users can withdraw as much Bitcoin as they want to another wallet of their choice without having to pay a fee.

For Swan Private members, the fees are not disclosed.

Claim the $10 Swan Bitcoin Bonus Right Now

All users need to do to claim the sign up bonus on Swan Bitcoin is to join the platform using the referral link. After that, they can decide how much of their money would they like to save in Bitcoin on a weekly basis and gain exposure to crypto markets.

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