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Use code 13sJU

Cryptocurrency trading has recently seen a surge in the use of referral programs as a method to attract new users to platforms.

MEXC Global, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange, has introduced a referral program where new users can gain financial benefits upon signing up.

The highlight of this referral initiative is the code “13sJU,” which enables a lucrative sign-up bonus for those who use it.

This promotion not only provides an immediate advantage to the new member but also includes lifelong trading fee discounts, ensuring sustained benefits.

Beyond the sign-up bonus, such crypto promotions are designed to enhance user experience by offering cost-saving opportunities on transaction fees, which can accumulate to significant savings over time.

The referral code serves as a gateway to a cost-effective trading journey on the MEXC platform.

Bonus only applicable to futures trading. Profits resulting from trades using the bonus can be withdrawn, but the bonus itself cannot be. Read the full offer terms and conditions for more information.

Understanding MEXC Referral Code

The MEXC referral code “13sJU” offers users a significant sign-up bonus, addressing the financial aspect of trading by providing rewards for new users who use the code when creating an account.

How to Use the Referral Code

To utilize the MEXC referral code “13sJU”, a user must include it in the designated referral field when registering on the MEXC platform.

The process typically involves:

  1. Visiting the MEXC website or downloading their app.
  2. Clicking the “Register” button.
  3. Entering an email address, creating a password.
  4. Inputting the referral code: “13sJU”.
  5. Confirming the email address to activate the account and qualify for the bonus.

Benefits of the Sign-Up Bonus

The sign-up bonus through the referral code includes multiple benefits, such as:

  • Discount on Trading Fees: A 10% fee discount on all trading activities.
  • Cash Bonus: Up to 1000 USDT reward available as a bonus, with conditions tied to specific trading volumes.

The MEXC sign-up promotion is available for a finite period and requires action (like deposit or trade) within a stipulated timeframe from account registration to qualify for the full range of rewards.

Getting Started on MEXC Exchange

To begin trading on MEXC Exchange, one must efficiently navigate through account creation, undergo a verification process, and then proceed to fund their account.

This section will guide a new user through these essential steps using the MEXC referral code for a sign-up bonus.

Creating an Account

The first step to accessing trading services on MEXC is to create an account.

A user should visit the MEXC platform and click on the “Register” option. During this process, it is crucial to input a valid email address, create a secure password, and use the referral code 13sJU to ensure eligibility for the signup bonus.

Verification Process

Before executing any trades or making deposits, a user must complete the verification process.

This involves providing personal information and documents for identity verification, in accordance with regulatory requirements.

The verification ensures an added layer of security to their account and enables full access to the platform’s features.

Making a Deposit

Once the account is created and verified, funding the account is the next step.

Users can deposit funds using various methods, including bank transfers and cryptocurrency transactions. MEXC supports a wide array of digital assets for deposit.

The following table shows the basic steps to make a deposit:

1Log into the MEXC account
2Navigate to the ‘Assets’ section
3Choose ‘Deposit’ and select the desired currency
4Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the deposit

Deposits are typically credited after the necessary network confirmations, preparing users to start trading on MEXC Exchange.

Security and Safety on MEXC

When dealing with digital assets on the MEXC platform, the security and safety of user accounts are paramount.

MEXC implements robust measures to protect against unauthorized access and to ensure the integrity of user funds.

Two-Factor Authentication

MEXC requires users to enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) as an additional layer of security.

This feature necessitates the provision of two different forms of identification when logging in or performing transactions.

The first layer is typically the user’s password, and the second layer is a code generated by an app on the user’s device or received via SMS.

  • Steps to enable 2FA on MEXC:
    • Navigate to the account security settings.
    • Choose the preferred 2FA method (app or SMS).
    • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup.

Cold Storage Practices

To safeguard users’ funds from potential cyber threats, MEXC utilizes cold storage practices.

The majority of digital assets are kept offline in cold storage, substantially reducing the risk of theft due to hacking attempts.

Rumours suggest that as much as 98% of customer assets are held in this secure manner, although MEXC continuously assesses its security protocols.

  • Key points about cold storage on MEXC:
    • Offline storage offers a physical barrier against online breaches.
    • Only a small percentage of assets remain online to facilitate daily operations.

Trading and Investment Opportunities

The MEXC Global exchange provides comprehensive trading and investment opportunities targeting various aspects of the crypto market, from traditional spot and futures trading to the more recent innovations like staking, yield farming, and NFTs.

Spot and Futures Trading

MEXC Global’s platform facilitates spot trading, where investors can buy and sell cryptocurrencies at current market prices.

For those seeking to leverage market movements, futures trading allows for contracts on the future prices of these digital assets.

  • Spot Trading: Trade from a wide range of cryptocurrencies with instant settlement.
  • Futures Trading: Engage in contracts to buy or sell assets at predetermined future dates and prices, offering potential hedging opportunities and leverage.

Staking and Yield Farming

Investors can participate in staking and yield farming on MEXC, which offer alternative ways to earn from their crypto holdings.

By staking, users can lock in certain cryptocurrencies to help maintain the network and validate transactions, earning rewards in return.

  • Staking: Support the network of a specific cryptocurrency and earn staking rewards.
  • Yield Farming: Provide liquidity to DeFi platforms via MEXC and earn yield from transaction fees or incentives.

Exploring Crypto Products and NFTs

MEXC also gives its users access to a variety of crypto products and services, including the burgeoning NFT market.

Investors can explore different blockchain-based assets and innovative financial products that cater to specific interests within the crypto space.

  • Crypto Products: Access diverse products including ETPs and index services offering exposure to various cryptocurrencies.
  • NFTs: Dive into the non-fungible token market, purchasing or trading digital collectibles and art.

MEXC Platform Features and Tools

MEXC Exchange offers an array of features and tools designed for both novice and experienced traders.

Central to these offerings are their user-friendly mobile app and comprehensive educational resources that provide thorough market analysis.

User-Friendly Mobile App

MEXC’s mobile application caters to users on both iOS and Android platforms, ensuring wide accessibility.

The app’s interface is intuitive, allowing traders to swiftly navigate through various functionalities, such as real-time trading and account management. It includes:

  • Real-time Price Tracking: Constant updates on cryptocurrency prices
  • Secure Transactions: Advanced security measures to protect funds
  • Quick Trade Execution: High responsiveness for immediate order processing

Educational Resources and Analysis

MEXC places a strong emphasis on education, offering a suite of resources and analytical tools.

Traders have access to:

  • Market Insights: Data-driven insights allow users to make informed decisions.
  • Trading Strategies: Guides on various trading strategies that cater to different risk appetites.

The platform continually updates its educational content, ensuring that its users stay informed about the latest market trends and trading techniques.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section provides answers to common inquiries regarding the MEXC referral program, specifically focusing on the use of the referral code 13sJU which grants a sign-up bonus.

How can I find my own referral code for MEXC?

Once registered on MEXC, one can find their personal referral code in their account settings under the ‘Referral Program’ section. This code can be shared with friends and peers to invite them to the platform.

What steps must I follow to claim my sign-up bonus on MEXC?

To claim a sign-up bonus on MEXC, a user must first register with the referral code 13sJU.

Following this, they must fulfill certain conditions such as verifying their account and achieving a specified trading volume to unlock the bonus.

What are the advantages of using MEXC for cryptocurrency trading?

MEXC offers a diverse range of digital assets for trading, competitive fees, and robust security measures.

Additionally, users benefit from various promotional offers, including the referral program that offers a sign-up bonus.

Can you explain the process to receive a referral bonus in crypto exchanges?

Crypto exchanges typically reward users who refer new traders with bonuses.

On MEXC, when someone signs up with a referral code, both the referrer and the new user may receive bonuses after the new user meets certain trading activities and volume requirements.

Are there any specific terms and conditions to be aware of when using a referral code on MEXC?

MEXC enforces specific terms for its referral program, such as a limited validity period for the sign-up bonus, and trading volume requirements that new users must meet to qualify for the bonus. Users should review these terms carefully.

Where can I find legitimate referral codes for crypto exchanges like MEXC online?

Legitimate referral codes for MEXC can be found on this page, the exchange’s website, through marketing collaborations, or via trusted partners and community members.

Users should be cautious to avoid using codes from unverified sources.



Use code 13sJU

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